Have you found Q Ideas for the Common Good yet? I just stumbled across them the other day. They describe themselves as a place leaders can explore what a better world, one that reflects God’s original design and intention, might look like and how God’s intention is showing up in the lives of their peers and the cultural projects they create. 

I wrote about Christmas for Q today. Here’s a little sneak peak:

While the songs proclaim Christmas to be the most wonderful time of the year, for many, Christmas exposes painful wounds, both new and old. This year, those wounds are particularly raw in light of the senseless shootings in Connecticut, the government’s impending financial crisis and extended high levels of unemployment. While Christmas’s tinsel and perky music seems particularly dissonant right now, the events Christians commemorate this holiday season speak into mess and pain and unhappy endings, possibly better than they speak to good times. Jesus was born on a day just as dark and painful as today, if not worse. We need Christmas right now, even though it hurts. We need Christmas because it hurts.

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