On Friday I shared my Life:Unmasked story about conquering the vicious cycle of gaining, losing, and regaining weight. It has been a slow and steady improvement, but that’s the kind of improvement that sticks. Several of you expressed interest in learning more via two online discussions I’m hosting this Wednesday and Saturday. But, the RSVP process was clunky.

Today I figured out something new – Google let me create an RSVP form that simplifies this process for all of us!

Please note that if you are interested but cannot participate in either of the times available, there’s a space for your response as well.

In other news, I‘m still working on the second of my posts on a healthy approach to sex. However, I didn’t count on how hard I would be hit by grief for my daughter. Elli would have turned 13 years old tomorrow (February 26), and to be completely transparent with you, it has taken everything in me just to keep up with the essentials at home. I haven’t been able to write anything else, though I am working on an ebook of her story that I hope to release next month. Anyway, I hope to finish and share the post on sex this Thursday and will most likely continue to discussion into March (because there’s so much more to discuss).

P.S. Did you link up your life:unmasked posts from January and February? The link-up will be open through Friday!