I’ve been guest-hosting on a couple of different podcasts lately. One of them covers very personal topics, so I participate in under a pseudonym.  (cue mystery music) We could play Twenty-Questions to see if you can figure it out, if you’re curious.

9thumbsThe other one is the 9 Thumbs podcast, the brain child of Jason Boyett (a guy you’ve heard from before on my blog – he’s the author of O Me of Little Faith). The premise is this: three hosts, three “likes” each, nine thumbs-up. Likes can be anything (examples of past likes are a specific brand of soap with an exfoliating sponge embedded inside, an article on writing, and Battlestar Galactica). Some shows are themed, others are totally random. It has been a TON of fun to do, and I learn something each time I listen, especially when we talk about music, movies, and television.

Two weeks ago, I co-hosted with Jason and Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan. Our theme was “Guilty Pleasures,” in which we confessed to three potentially embarrassing likes. I’m embarrassed to even write my three guilty pleasures here, so you’ll just have to listen to find out what ours were.

This week, I co-hosted with Jason and Alise Wright of Alise-Write.com, and we discussed what is quite possibly the most wide-ranging set of topics in 9 Thumbs history, from hand salve to Mormons to spicy condiments to music, we covered it all. Check it out!

What podcasts do you listen to?