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A Podcast, a Conference, and a Big Announcement

The guys at the 9Thumbs podcast love to gamble is all I can figure. After all, Jason Boyett asked me to sub for Matthew Paul Turner on an episode of their podcast last year. Granted, I’ve guest-hosted on another podcast that shall not be named (at least, not yet), but still – it was a gamble. Even though they gave me a hard time for “liking” soap, they asked me to come back again as a regular guest host whenever one of them had to miss a week. I’ve made a handful of appearances on 9Thumbs since then, and have had a LOT of fun talking pop culture (which is especially entertaining when I have to reveal some of the massive holes in my pop culture knowledge).

Matthew has moved up in the world, co-hosting a live call-in radio show in Nashville called Open Table Live, and no longer has time to appear on the podcast (except for an occasional stint subbing for regular hosts). I was delighted when Jason and Rob asked if I’d consider joining as a permanent host! After a special four-person farewell episode of 9Thumbs last week, it’s now officially official

— I’m a permanent cohost of the 9Thumbs podcast!

This weekend I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, for the Killer Tribes conference. Both Jason and his wife attended, along with guest host and blogger Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan, and Sharideth Smith of The Wednesday Nooner sex podcast and A Woman’s Guide To Women: A Blog for Men, so we decided to record a live in-person episode of 9Thumbs!

Joy, Jason, Kristen, and Sharideth recording the 9Thumbs podcast

Podcast recording in progress. Photo credit Aimee Boyett.

Jason decided to interview us rather than follow the usual 9-likes format, which was fun. We talked about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about writing and blogging. Some of the topics include:

  • How did we get started blogging?
  • How do we earn money writing?
  • What have been our biggest surprises as writers and bloggers?
  • What are our boundaries? What will we and won’t we write about?
  • When do we write?

Check it out, and then subscribe directly to the podcast feed or in iTunes so you don’t miss an episode.

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A note to business owners: get in touch with one of us if you are interested in possibly being featured as a sponsor of the podcast. We won’t feature you if we wouldn’t officially “like” you, but we’d love to talk!

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