You know what’s fun about writing my own blog? I make the rules. I can go from a navel-gazing soul-searching post about the meaning of life and growing up to sharing the 9 Thumbs pop culture podcast without batting an eye. Which is exactly what I’m doing today. We all live in the world, not just in our heads (or our Bibles), and pop culture is the language we speak in this world.

This week’s episode should be epic by virtue of the fact that we had to record all of it twice and parts of it 3 times. (The part we recorded a third time is totally my fault — I muted my microphone because my dog was barking and then forgot to unmute it for fifteen minutes. I’m a genius.) So we really had it down by the third go-round. Or something. (P.S. Did you know that we provide links to everything we mention? We do – on the 9Thumbs blog!)

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