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Girlfriends, 1st Haircuts, and Hurts-Til-You-Puke Earaches

It has been quite a week, and we haven’t even gotten to Elli’s birthday yet.

Big Boy announced tonight at dinner that he has a girlfriend. My kindergartner is apparently the boyfriend of this girl who has been blowing him kisses all year on the school bus. Oddly, now that she is his girlfriend, she isn’t kissing him anymore. I think I can handle that.

We finally broke down and decided to trim up Little Boy’s hair. It had some super-long sections, some super-frizzy sections, and some really thin sections. I attempted a scissor-cut to even it out a bit.

This is his fly-away ‘do before.
Little Boy was as wiggly as you would expect. My sitter finally discovered that showing him books distracted him enough to hold still.

And here’s the after shot. Not hugely different, but neater. At least, I like to think so!

Poor Little Boy has had a rough week. In addition to the haircut, he’s gotten sicker and sicker each day and slept worse and worse at night. Last night I was up with him nearly 2 hours, and he hasn’t eaten much in 2 days. Today most of what he ate he threw up again. He spent most of the day hanging on to my neck and moaning, “Momma, Momma.” It just broke my heart because I felt so helpless to help him.

After agonizing all day (I think the sleep deprivation has wreaked havoc on my problem-solving abilities), I finally decided he was sick enough to see the doctor. I’m so glad I did. He has a really bad ear infection, which actually is good news considering how full our children’s hospital is right now. I’m thankful for every night we spend sleeping in our own beds instead of in the hospital’s. We can treat an ear infection at home.

So, I’m in fine shape heading into tomorrow. Nine years ago tonight I went into labor with my first child. And four months and one week ago, I kissed her good night for the very last time.

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