For the past few weeks we’ve been agonizing over the name for our new puppy. Little Girl has been avidly campaigning for “Rosebud” or “Princess Rose,” while Big Boy has been tossing out random bizarre suggestions like “Bacon,” “Principal,” and “Nickel.” Little Boy tests each name out and so far has been able to say most of them.

Every suggestion Scott and I have made has been met with a disgusted “Nooooo” or “I don’t like that!”

Until tonight. At dinner, Scott told the kids the story of a superhero who is also a princess who is also a warrier. She is tough and independent, a princess, and compassionate and works for justice and protects the weak. She’s the whole package.

The kids got quite intrigued by this character. When Scott asked, “Do you want to know her name?” they were hanging on every word.

It was a slam-dunk. We have finally found a name we all like!

So, without further ado, all me to introduce our new puppy, Xena Warrior Princess. (Xena for short.)