Six years ago, I sent my first child off on a yellow bus.

2004 first day of preschool
2004 – First time riding a school bus! Elli was pumped.

(I can’t find a photo of her heading to kindergarten in 2005 –
apparently having a newborn pre-empted photography!)

first day of school 2006
2006 – Elli entering 1st grade
Big Boy entering preschool

first day of school 2007

2007 – Elli entering 2nd grade
With four children, two of them medically-complicated,
one a medically-complicated newborn, I was forced to simplify.
We didn’t send Big Boy to preschool this year.
first day of school 2008
2008 – Elli entering 3rd grade
Big Boy entering kindergarten

This was a crazy bus schedule – Big Boy’s stop was at the corner
a few houses down, and just a few minutes later,
Elli’s bus came to our driveway. This kept me hopping!

first day of school 2009
2009 – Big Boy entering 1st grade
That was a tough first day – the first one without Elli.
first day of school 2010
2010 – Big Boy entering 2nd grade
Little Girl entering kindergarten
Little Boy is so ready to ride the big yellow bus…

Sweet Shot Day