I have written two posts addressing common Christian blindspots concerning raising children which are featured at SarahMae’s place, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, today. I hope you’ll come join the discussion on how we can obey God’s command to go into the world and preach the gospel as we also raise our children.

Part One: Is Your Family a Clique?
Part Two: Is Your Family an Outpost for Christ?

open door into a homeIf you are visiting from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee, welcome! Come on in, I’d love to get to know you.  Click here to learn more about my family and the path God has placed us on. You can read about my daughter Elli here.

If you are struggling with the weight of caring for a child with any kind of special needs, with grief over the loss of anyone special, or with depression, you are not alone. I’ve been walking that same road too. I would love to pray for and with you. My email address is at the top of every page. Please send me an email.

Be sure to check out my husband’s series on demystifying family devotions. Part one discusses why it’s important to lead your children in devotions, part two gives five practical suggestions for leading family devotions,  part three gives three more suggestions , and part four concludes with the final two tips for devotions.


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