A Deeper Story

Today my first post went up at a Deeper Story. If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know how I embrace writing about the things we don’t talk about. The story I wrote over there is a deeply personal one, wrestling with the inextricable intertwining of trust, honesty, intimacy, and sex. If sex talk makes you uncomfortable, I do not recommend reading this one.

Let’s Talk!

I’m re-evaluating my approach to the discussion forum I launched last week. After some long talks with my husband, I decided to remove the thread on Christians and cussing. The way I framed up the discussion didn’t convey what I intended. Amber did a much better job discussing the heart of the issue. Let’s forget about my thoughtless question, mm-kay?

I’m discovering that what I think is abundantly clear in my head often doesn’t translate to you, especially since I’m sitting behind a screen and so are you. We can’t chat, you can’t press me, I can’t explain better…  So it’s an imperfect medium.

I have more questions to pose in the forum, and you are always welcome to post a new discussion and pose questions yourselves. I am just going to take some time to frame up my questions better before I post them.

Noteable Posts on the Interwebs

“Does God not care about me and the rest of the world because we are not American? Is America the new Chosen Nation, leaving the rest of us as the outsiders, earning a place at the table only insofar as we represent or protect the interests of the Chosen Ones?”


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