As I wrote last week, God has been showing me that everything, even the suffering, is redeemable and to be grateful for. I have always fought against being thankful for the challenges my children have faced, but I’ve purposed to be thankful today. This week I continue to find things in our daughter’s situation for which I can thank God.


131. close proximity to a hospital with a top-notch cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgery department

132. family who have stuck by us and learned alongside us how to care for our daughter

133. the surgical team who persevered through 12 hours of surgery to repair nearly all of our daughter’s heart

134. the experienced physician who recognized when the surgeons had done enough for one day

135. medications to treat heart rhythm problems

136. blood pressure medications

137. seizure medications, in spite of the sleep disruptions they cause

138. the sleepless nights, which extended the time I had with my daughter (if only I had recognized them as the gifts they were at the time)

139. feeding tubes

140. formula

141. nutritionists who provide instructions to fortify milk for babies who need extra calories

142. oxygen tanks

143. pulse oximeters

144. vaccines

145. hand sanitizer


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