We’ve celebrated much in the two weeks since I last counted 1000 gifts.

266. Memorial Day (a holiday in the U.S. to honor the men and women who serve or served in the military).

memorial day parade

267. Completion of kindergarten (and I was able to help with their party, and learned a few things about parenting more loosely)…

268. and completion of second grade.

269. What a gift to see my son’s face light up when he spotted me in the hall outside his classroom for his end of the year party!

270. Our girl’s dance recital.

ballet dancer

271. The official beginning of summer…

son swimming

272. Swimming!

kids swimming


273. Exploring new things this summer…

274. The youngest can’t conceal his delight at running, bouncing, climbing, somersaulting, and jumping through a tumbling/intro to gymnastics class.

275. The oldest is playing on his very first baseball team, and despite the scorching heat of his first practice, told me, “Mom, I think baseball is the right thing for me.”

276. The middle girl is officially swimming!

277. Art classes coming up

278. The dog is learning to walk at my side off-leash and come when called.

adoring dog

279. I’m almost exactly half-way through the Bible! (Reading through in 90 days, using the schedule available here.)

What gifts have you seen in your everyday lately?


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