saturday evening blog postIt’s the first Saturday in June, which means it’s time for the Saturday Evening Blog Post, hosted by Elizabeth Esther. This is a monthly link-up where we get to feature our favorite (by our own choice) post of the previous month and check out other’s favs too! Please stop by her blog to sample some other great posts from the past month.

This month I wrote a series on worship which generated really good discussion. Based on comments and shares, the first one, How You Can Stop Lying in Church, was the most popular. But my personal favorite of the series was “Without Lament We Lie About God.” (Visit either one and you’ll find links to the entire series.)

I also wrote a few guest posts for other blogs in May. My favorite was the misadventures of my coin-swallowing loveable accident-prone three-year-old: This Too Shall Pass, featured on Ironic Mom’s blog (which I also happen to love, so stop by and get your daily dose of laughter.)

Did you have a favorite post in May, either one you read or one you wrote? Feel free to link up in the comments!


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