Fumble around for the nearly-impossible-to-find button. Silence the offense.

Sit up, and think very hard about laying back down. Remember I have 45 minutes of reading to do before the kids wake up and remember how they are waking up earlier and earlier every day. Notice actual daylight outside, rejoice that it’s late spring and days are long.

Make coffee.

Sit down with “The Message” and read 1/90th of the Bible.

Refill coffee, and write a blog post. Or edit one.

Greet kids with a smile and a hug. Remind them to eat. Remind them to be kind. Remind them to bring me school papers and planners and lunch  boxes. Remind son to pack lunch.

Hug and kiss and send daughter and son off to school, laugh as youngest tries to sneak on the bus again.

Gather gym bag, recheck that towel and underwear are packed along with shampoo and hair dryer.

Check youngest into childcare at the gym, go sweat as I dance clumsy and backwards, shower (uninterrupted!), collect son, race back home to meet the kindergarten school bus.

Lunch. Chores. Laundry. Watch the kids play or swim in the wading pool. Make dinner.

Greet husband, feed everyone. Supervise showers (did you rinse all the soap out? Did you wash everything?)

Hugs and kisses and stories and bedtime prayers.

Crash on the couch until husband says, “Honey, you really should go to bed.”

Every day. (Except today is the first day of summer… this story is about to change.)


This post was written in five minutes, with no editing, for the prompt “Every Day” given by The Gypsy Mama.


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