It was 2am when I opened the door and slipped into our bedroom for the first time in 9 days. And this is what awaited me.

master bedroom redecorated

©2011 Joy Bennett

Well, all of this except the scarf from Bolivia and the sunshine streaming in the windows. Then add back in a man sleeping in the bed. My exhausted husband had tried to wait up for me, bless his heart. But 2am was just too late. (It was for me too — I was so tired from 23 hours of traveling that I was seeing things that weren’t there driving home from the airport.)

master bedroom closet area

©2011 Joy Bennett

I don’t have a before picture — our room was never photogenic before. Imagine white walls, nothing behind the bed, and no closet doors at all. And a teetering pile of books on my nightstand.

I love it. (He also did all the laundry so I’d return to a clean slate. I’m telling you, he’s the best husband in the world.)

I’ll be back with more words tomorrow. I’ve been soaking up time with my family and trying to rest.