Women, War & Peace extended preview. Series airing Tuesdays on PBS.
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I’m so excited about this documentary, and so proud of the women featured here. In fact, two of the women featured in one of the episodes are winners of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize! {I just want to jump and shout and clap my hands for this!}}

These courageous women are living breathing examples of what we can accomplish as God’s ezer kenegdo (if you don’t know what that means, read this post). Let us honor these women by watching this series and letting them inspire us to take action, promote peace, and build our communities. We are called to be builders in the kingdom of God, all of us. So let us work now, today.  [Perhaps sponsoring a child is one small step you can take to start?]

If you don’t have access to a PBS station, or if you aren’t free on Tuesday nights for the next four weeks (the series began October 11), you can view full episodes online. This week’s full episode is here.

(If you don’t have twelve minutes to watch the extended preview, take 2.5 minutes to watch this one.)

Women, War & Peace Trailer


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