On Monday, we published Episode 48 of the 9 Thumbs podcast. It was an epic episode in many ways, from the theme (Controversy) to the scope (From Huck to Hot Wives to Orgasmic Cookie Butter), to the guest host (Elizabeth Esther, my intrepid roommate during the 2011 World Vision bloggers’ trip to Bolivia), to the length (almost an hour and a half, which is totally my fault for not curbing the discussion).

We talked racism, religion, literature, musicals both old (Mary Poppins) and new (The Book of Mormon), women’s suffrage, intellectual honesty, addiction, and Trader Joe’s (apparently ecstacy-inducing) Cookie Butter. (Find links to everything we discussed on the 9 Thumbs blog.) We didn’t always agree, but we had a great time talking our way around each topic.

Give it a listen (podcasts are perfect entertainment during workouts, long commutes, lawn mowing, folding laundry, and much more!), and if you would, please leave us a review on iTunes.