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Highly-Recommended New Book PLUS 25 Free Gifts When You Order By May 7th!

My friend Frank Viola has just released a new book called God’s Favorite Place on Earth. I had no idea what to expect when I read it, but this book? I believe it could change your relationship with God. It could help you defeat bitterness, free you from a guilty conscience, and help you overcome fear, doubt and discouragement. I say this because it’s doing exactly that for me.

God's Favorite Place On Earth book cover

The premise of the book is simple and straight from the gospel accounts of Jesus’s life: when Jesus was on the earth, He was rejected everywhere He went . . . from Bethlehem, to Nazareth, to Jerusalem. The only exception was the little village of Bethany.

The curtain opens with Lazarus, who is now quite old and ready to die. He bring to life the sometimes-too-familiar stories of Jesus’ interactions with him, Martha, and Mary. God’s Favorite Place on Earth blends drama, devotion, biblical narrative, and first-century history in a riveting way that I found difficult to put down. But then, within each narrative, we see the common struggles we Christians face addressed and answered.

This is a book that will jar you out of your “Christian rut” and help you see everything through new eyes. It’s a quick, inspiring, and entertaining read.

In addition, when you order the book between May 1st to May 7th, you will also get 25 FREE GIFTS from 15 different authors including Leonard Sweet, Jeff Goins, Andrew Farley, Steve McVey, DeVern Fromke, Pete Briscoe, Frank Viola himself, and many others.

Over 47 Christian leaders have recommended the book, including me.

This is my endorsement for “God’s Favorite Place on Earth.”

“Frank Viola’s new book God’s Favorite Place on Earth couldn’t have reached me at a better time. For some time now, I’ve been grappling with the pain of being rejected, misunderstood, and judged by other Christians, and I didn’t know how dangerously bitter I’d become. Frank’s book gave me much-needed perspective on the way God reconciles these difficult experiences, both in Jesus’ life in the flesh and in ours. It showed me how I had slipped into the modern church’s focus on the self and success, and how that set me up to be bitter instead of forgiving, cynical instead of surrendered. I had forgotten that God’s greatest work comes in and through my weakness and brokenness. This book is a timely and poignant reminder, through the story of Jesus’ life and His one safe place, of the way God can redeem the pain of rejection by fellow believers and do amazing things through our own weakness when we embrace our brokenness and surrender to God.”

Go to to claim your 25 FREE GIFTS, read a sample of the book, and watch the video trailer.

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