This post is a story. It is a special story that I’ve wanted to tell and tried to write so many times. It is a scary story to send out into the world. I am protective of it like a mother with her child. But this Christmas, it finally leaked through my fingers onto the page in a form I thought I could share. My editor agreed.

“I don’t think we should ordain people at all,” Tony declared. The other passengers on the bus shifted and braced, as they did when he made his contrarian pronouncements. He continued, “It can be a power play, a way of separating and manipulating people. I created an app called ‘Ordain Thyself’ to try to make that point. You know anyone can be ordained, right?”

Meg laughed. “Our churches have all had extensive processes for ordaining men.”

He gave his wry sarcastic smile. “Oh, I know. But you don’t have to do it that way. Seriously. Anyone can be ordained, by law. It’s easy.”

“I should have you ordain me.” She was flip, light, laughing. It was a joke, right? Women can’t be ordained.

“I would ordain you.”


“Absolutely. I see it in you.” He wasn’t joking. The others chimed in affirmation.

She was still laughing, but now it was to hide how big this moment was for her. “Okay.”

His nod was like a judge ruling on a case. “Consider it done. Friday night, we will have an ordination service.”

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